Ngurah Rai International Airport, the main point of entry for visitors to Bali, is located on the southern tip of the island, 13km south of Denpasar.

1. Free Wifi

Yes. One click connects you to the @NgurahRaiAirport free network. But charge your electronics before you get to the airport because I didn’t see any power outlets or charging stations in the public areas.


2. Train Connection To Somewhere Worth Seeing On A Four-Hour Layover

No. First, there are no trains in Bali. Second, Bali is generally a destination, not a layover. If you do end up at Ngurah Rai with time to kill, it’s a 20 minute taxi ride to the well-known beaches of Kuta and Sanur. Tourist visas are issued on arrival for many countries and cost USD$25.


3. Duty Free Costs

Denpasar duty free sells a lot of things, but it does not sell Bombay Sapphire or Chanel Coco Madmoiselle. I scratch my head.


4. Security Screening

Fast and friendly. It’s only fitting that friendly Bali would have friendly immigration officers as well. The officer checking my passport smiled the whole time and tried to pronounce all four of my names, while the officer at the next desk tried some garbled Russian on the sunburned Slav he was processing. There was a typical flower-filled palm basket offering on each of the luggage screening machines, to pacify the radioactive gods. Save some rupiah – there is IDR150,000 departure tax that must be paid before immigration.


5. Ease of Orientation

Idiot-proof. With twelve gates in a single building and lots of English directional signage, even I was able to get from A to B on my first try. The signs include walking distance estimates to th gates ahead and the longest distance was 10 minutes.


6. Pre-Flight Food

Good (for an airport). There are cafes and coffee shops on both sides of security with decent eat in and takeaway choices. I didn’t see anywhere selling Bintang (or other liquor) though. There were only a few vegetarian choices, including a “vegetarian sandwich” made of two pieces of white bread, crusts cut off, stuck to three leafs of iceberg lettuce. Again, keep some rupiah as some vendors only accept local currency.


7. Architecture/Interior Design

Bali modern. Ngurah Rai’s new international terminal opened in September 2013 so everything in the terminal is new and clean and modern. The design combines common Asian airport elements like high, curving ceilings and floor to ceiling windows with red brick Bali temple-style accents. The interior design also has some subtle local touches like bowls of fresh flowers in the washrooms. Like every building in Bali, the airport is surrounded by lush green flowering vegetation. Even the multi-storey carpark is covered in trailing vines so that it blends into the green background.

Overall Rating for DPS: 82%

Bali Airport