My to do list, always changing and in no particular order. I cross one off, I add three more. 


Oh The Places I’ll Go

1. Greece.

2. Croatia.

3. Norway.

4. Iceland.

5. Morocco and Tunisia.

6. Zanzibar.

7. The Maldives.

8. Prague.

9. Denmark.

10. Tel Aviv.

11. Serbia, Romania and Montenegro.

12. Colombia, especially Medellin and Bogota.

13. Italy and Portugal.


And The Things I Will See And Do

1. Throw tomatoes at La Tomatina in Spain.

2.  See the Northern Lights.

3. See spring cherry blossoms in Japan.

4. Raise a personal assistance puppy.

5. See a World Cup soccer match live.

6. Work abroad again, perhaps often.

7. Live like a local in the Mediterranean, in a flat like this.

8. Attend the Holi festival in India or Nepal.

9. Go to a big summer music festival, maybe in Europe.

10. Live in Portland for a while.

11. Drive and camp my way around America one summer.

12. Kayak the Sea of Cortez in Baja, Mexico.

13. Go to Modernism week in Palm Springs.

14. Stay at Chateau Marmont.


Learning and Making Things

1. Start a blog.

2. Take an extended solo trip.

3. Do 200 hour yoga teacher training.

4. Learn to use my DSLR.

5. Learn enough French and Spanish to be able to live like a local in either language.

6. Buy land in a warm, peaceful location and design and build a simple modernist home (like this one but smaller).

7. Learn to play the guitar a bit.

8. Make money as a writer.

9. Be the first Google search result for Sky With Lemon.


Everyday Life

1. Establish a daily meditation practice.

2. Try being vegetarian for a while.